Are you a California business with an underground tank replacement project?

The deadline to replace single-wall tanks is December 31, 2025.

Don’t wait. All single wall tanks must be replaced with double wall tanks by December 31, 2025; the cost will rise as the deadline approaches. Let our SHC experts handle your storage tank project: replacing, removing, or upgrading with minimal downtime. Whether you operate a single site or multiple sites, our services can include tank procurement and project management – allowing you to stay focused on your business. 


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California RUST Loans

Minimal Downtime

Let SHC find out if you qualify for a RUST Loan

One of the requirements to qualify for a California RUST loan is a contractor survey. The survey will determine eligible SW UST operators for California’s Rust Program [Replace Underground Storage Tanks] to receive low-interest rates on a first-come, first-serve basis. The survey also is required to qualify for Rust grants – receptors can be awarded finance up to 100 percent of the costs necessary to upgrade, remove, or replace project tanks. 

Leave your Underground Tank Replacement Project to SHC Experts


SHC Offers Turn-key Underground Tank Replacement Service

Tank replacement is an enormous undertaking, especially under the conditions of an operating convenience store. Shields Harper’s expertise is in tank replacement project management. Our complete and cost-effective tank replacement services mitigate risk while successfully driving the project through the entire process.  

A benefit of working with SHC as your project manager is we are a supplier distributor. We buy directly from our fuel manufacturer partners. We have the logistics to procure equipment without going through a third party – saving time and money. 

SHC advantage is in-sight product availability. This knowledge comes in handy when planning and scheduling projects; this is where we keep our customers operating an open store downtime to a minimum.

Whether you have an underground tank or above-ground facility project, SHC will visit the site and discuss our approach to completing it on time and within budget.