Retail Technology System Solutions for C-stores

Discover advanced systems to increase customer experience and store’s efficiency.

High Performance Automatic Tank Gauge

Right at your fingertips 24/7

Cost-Effective Convenience Store Security

Hassle-free cloud hosted video security.

Retail Technology System Solutions for C-stores

Discover advanced systems to increase customer experience and store’s efficiency.

Sell more with Dispenser Advertings

Boost sales directly from gas pumps!

Point of Sale

• Self-Service Kiosk
• Fleet Payment Terminals

Retail Technology systems offered by Shields Harper and Co offers C-store operators advanced security cloud systems

Full Site Monitoring

• Security Cloud Surveillance
• Tank Theft Prevention

Retain Technology reporting for ATGs, Security and POS systems


• Real-time Data
• Forecast Stock

Elevate your entire C-store with intelligent automation systems.


We are C-store operators partner for delivering powerful system solutions.


SHC retail tecnology offers NCR and C18 Verifone POS Systems

POS Terminals

Fastlane Self-Service Checkouts • Payment Pod Solutions

Anthem Dispensers

Back Office

Fuel Site Data Asset Management

Retail technology video cloud surveillance Instead of hours to<br />
detect theft and fraud<br />
Use your cameras<br />
or ours Customer access to Insight Cloud Services<br />
View videos, alarms,<br />
and transactions


Cameras • Network Security • AI Technology Systems • Cloud Video Surveillance

C-Store Retail Fuel and inventory Reporting systems

Retail Reporting

Advanced Retail Management Software for Inventory, POS and Fleet Fueling Systems

How can SHC help strengthen your customer experience?


Our retail technology solutions are not just effective, but also adaptable, giving operators and their staff confidence to face any challenge.

We see it firsthand and know from experience that the most successful operators deliver smooth customer experiences that leave shoppers eager to return. Today’s world is a challenge for both the operator and the customer: inflation, supply chain disruptions, and changing customer needs have made it more complex than ever. In this challenging landscape, SHC can be a beacon of relief, offering solutions that can help navigate these hurdles.

SHC helps retailers by offering the best brands with the best solutions that integrate into the latest retail technology systems to secure their future.

With over a hundred years in the industry, SHC understands how to help operators optimize technology for growth and sustainability. The bottom line is operators who partner with us and embrace modernization drive their customers to them, ensuring their business is ready for whatever the future brings and giving them a sense of security and preparedness.

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