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Project Management

• Advanced Fuel Systems
• Fuel Project Planning
• Integrated Fuel Solutions

Retail Systems

• Dispensers
• Equipment & Parts
• Retail POS

Facility Systems

• Comprehensive System Design
• Critical Facilities Solutions
• Emergency Pump Systems

SHC Delivers Experience in Fuel Systems Management


Retailing Dispensing Monitoring Security Storage


SHC Delivers Experience in Fuel Systems Management

Retailing Dispensing  Monitoring Security Storage


Fleet Fuel Management

Fleet Fuel Management

Anthem Dispensers

Double Wall Tanks

EV Charging station can turn any business to a destination

Refinery Equipment

POS Terminals for c-stores and fleets

Agriculture Systems

POS Terminals for c-stores and fleets

Industrial Systems

Verifone technician certified training

UST Sump

Full Site Monitoring Systems

Critical Facilities

Equipment Financing

Marina Fuel Equipment

Third Party Distribution

Facility Fuel Storage

Third Party Distribution

Airport Fueling

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Shields Harper and Co. is more than a supplier and distributor of the top brands in fuel products. We are fuel project, management experts. Our expertise is in fuel industry solutions for complex integrated fuel system projects. 

We approach every fuel project with attention to detail. SHCs expertise is our ability to manage customers’ fuel projects from beginning to completion. The size of the fuel project does not matter. We can handle all-size projects. What matters is safety first and ensuring the customer receives a future-proof system. 

Our responsibility is to keep customers informed on needed upgrades or what’s new in the industry. What differentiates SHC from others in the industry ~ is we don’t just call our customers; we visit them! 

The relationship with our customers doesn’t end; it continues. We support customers with ongoing resupply and equipment support. Our turn-key service allows customers to focus on their business while we handle ours.

Trust us to deliver your project on time, on budget ~ every time.

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