Ready Stock

Managed Resupply for Service Companies

Ready Stock

Ready Stock is Shields Harper and Company's straightforward monthly supply fulfillment program
Ready Stock is Shields Harper and Company's straightforward Grow Revenue solution to keep your inventory stocked

The ultimate inventory replenishment solution. 

Ready Stock Retail Access to no order minimums


No order minimums

Having the right partnership drives Ready Stock


Reduce Inventory bloat

Labor free up staff and stay focused on business with Ready Stock


Free up staff

Ready Stock is all about Expertise Technology based procurement


Technology based procurement

Having the right partnership drives Ready Stock


Aces in their places

The ultimate inventory replenishment solution. 

Piping products materials for c-store contractors
Piping systems, Loop, systems, Couplings, 3M, Pans, plus more construction products and materials
Pro Stock by Shields Harper and Company offers construction products on site no cost consigned inventory
Supplier of Commercial Gas Pump Parts and Equipment
construction cones, spill kits, trash containers all apart of SHCs Ready Stock inventory program

READY STOCK supply program ships all of your favorite brands

[Partial Brand List]

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Ready Stock

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READY STOCK supply program is your customized Inventory solution

Initial design involves building the starting point item list, based on known consumption history. This will capture the items with the highest recurring usage rates as a “Top 40” greatest hits list. SHC works alongside your company to study the identified items and quantities, then overlay our supply chain awareness to fulfill each monthly order. This initial list is for program kickoff.

Periodic alignment enables your business and SHC to review accuracy of the initial design, test against assumptions, and adjust the mix and quantities needed. This is done quarterly. In this context, we can supply you with any products you need, and fashion a cadence together.

Reap from the benefits of READY STOCK:

COST: Avoid carrying costs of bloated inventory. Manage spend in a controlled manner plus reduce warranty expiration and ancillary damage from prolonged storage of ugly stock.

LABOR: No chasing multiple vendors, PO’s, order acknowledgements, shipping dates, tracking numbers, claims, and RMAs originating from all directions. Free your staff to focus on revenue generating opportunities rather than incur costly avoidable supply chain administrative overhead.

EXPERTISE: SHC focuses on keeping your shelves stocked with your most needed items so you can focus on what you do best—providing skilled, timely service in all markets you serve.