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EV Charging Partners

• EV Charging Stations
• Capture EV Incentives
• EV Infrastructure Plan

Fuel Partner Manufacturers

• Fuel Equipment & Parts
• Fuel Systems Solutions
• Fuel Equipment Financing

C-Store Partners

• Forecourt Retailing
• Fixtures & Furnishings
• Full-Site Monitoring

SHC Partners with World-Leading Petroleum and Retailing Manufacturers


SHCs Top Industry Brand Fuel Partners and Manufacturers [Partial List]


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[we are updating our MFG Partner literature pieces and will be adding more shortly] 

Traditional Retail Fueling Partners


EV Charging [Renewables]


C-Store Retailing Point of Sales Terminals


Sumps, Transfer and Storage Tanks


Fixtures & Furnishings


Site Security and Monitoring Systems


Financing for Fuel Equipment, EV Charging, Foodservice Equipment


Not seeing the industry brand manufacturer you’re looking for?

[Keep in mind, this is a partial list]


At Shields, Harper & Co., the focus is to service customers’ future. For over 100 years, SHC has done that, offering worldwide petroleum equipment manufacturers and retailing brands to fuel facility customers’. 

Today, our industry partnerships are stronger than ever [and growing]. We’re proud to partner with innovative manufacturers changing the fuel industry in traditional fuels and alternative fueling. Our ability to deliver high-quality products and system solutions to our customers is due to our open line of communication and transparency with our manufacturer partners. 

Our customers rely on the relationship we have with our manufacturing partners. They count on SHC professionals to know their operation equipment needs and trust us with our expertise to tell them when it’s time to implement new equipment and systems [that give them the return on investments they expect]. We do this all and deliver what they need at a competitive price. 

SHC and our manufacturing partners are dedicated to fostering programs that forge paths to success for all professionals, future industry leaders, and customers.

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