Pro Stock Construction

Inventory On Demand for Contractors

Designed to give contractors flexibility and speed to market.

Pro Stock Construction

Pro Stock is for C-store General Contractors
Pro Stock for Contractors

Pay for materials only as you use them.

Pro Stock Access is for General Contractors design by Shields Harper and CO for easy access to building material at no cost consigned partnership


You define materials & quantities

With Pro Stock GCs can reduce material shipping cost


Reduce inventory carrying cost

Pro Stock allows General Contractors to allocate labor elsewhere other than picking up materials


Keep workforce at jobsite

Expertise in material fueling procurement and shipping


Be project ready with stock on hand

General Contractors gain a partner with Shields Harper and Co handling their fueling equipment and parts site building material shipping


Aces in their places

Pro Stock is the optimum solution for contractors, placing essential building materials in your storage, readily available for scheduled construction projects, or short-notice jobs that arise. Typical materials include pipe, fittings, sumps, spill buckets, tank trim, shear valves, PPE, etc. With our no-cost consigned inventory, contractors can confidently take on more projects, knowing they have their own on-hand source of materials.

Pro Stock enhances construction efficiency to help meet milestone dates and frees your capital for greater use elsewhere. Our investment is in your skilled hands.

Piping products materials for c-store contractors
Piping systems, Loop, systems, Couplings, 3M, Pans, plus more construction products and materials
Pro Stock by Shields Harper and Company offers construction products on site no cost consigned inventory
Supplier of Commercial Gas Pump Parts and Equipment
construction cones, spill kits, trash containers all apart of SHCs Ready Stock inventory program

Pro Stock ships all your favorite brands

[Partial Brand List]

PRO STOCK ships all of your favorite brands

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Pro Stock Construction

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