WPMA Expo 2024 Shields Harper and Company Show Special on March Networks Searchlight Cloud Video Hosting for C-store surveillance

Easily monitor your C-store activities with Searchlight™ Cloud* while:

Managing Operations Protecting Profits Improving Sales 


45 Day Trial Includes:

~One Site Installation~

Searchlight cloud superior video surveillance and data analytics

Searchlight Cloud

Video Surveillance and Data Analytics

March Network C-store overhead close up

Insight Cloud Services

Network video recorders

March Networks EL-Series Video Recorders

X-Series & EL2

Monitor all store activities


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Terms & Conditions

Submit your site nomination within 30 days of signing up for the trial, then allow an additional 30 days for us to coordinate installation at your site. Once install is completed, the 45-day trial begins.

Two weeks prior to end of trial, you will receive email notice of the approaching conclusion. If you wish to keep the system—or otherwise do not notify us—you will be invoiced. If you opt out, we will arrange removal of the system within 30 days of trial end; no obligation to purchase.

BONUS: Customers with 10+ sites will receive the optional POS integration as part of their trial.

Restrictions may apply to this offer

* POS type or deployment feasibility will need to be validated to deploy this feature (although Insight has no roadblocks).

Discover today the many features Searchlight™ Cloud offers:

Cloud Video Surveillance 100 % future proof backwards compatibility

100% future-proof with backwards compatibility


Cloud Video Surveillance use your cameras or ours

Use your cameras or ours


Cloud Video Surveillance Customers have access to Insight Cloud Services

Customer access to Insight Cloud Services


2 minutes to detect fraud and theft

View videos, alarms, and transactions


2 minutes instead of hours to detect theft and fraud

Instead of hours to detect theft and fraud


March Networks Searchlight™ Cloud is a cloud-based hosted retail loss prevention and business optimization system. Every aspect of the platform helps retailers detect and report on losses, improve operations, enhance safety, and migrate to IP video cost-effectively and at their own pace. March Networks Searchlight™ Cloud combines enterprise-class, high-quality video surveillance with POS transaction data and business analytics to help QSRs, c-stores, and other retailers cut losses from theft, oversee operations, improve service, and drive profitability.