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2017 WPMA EXPO Wrap-up

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Any convention held in Las Vegas is bound to be a good time, but since 2017 marks the 100th year anniversary for Shields, Harper & Co. this year was a special one. To honor the milestone we bought three booths instead of one. Only problem with having 3 booths is figuring out what to fill them with. We decided to stick with the historical theme and throw it back to the beginning of the petroleum industry. To do so we sent a few dinosaurs to the show which included the 1917 SHC Ford Model T, a classic 1920 Wayne dispenser and a replica visible gas dispenser. Actually felt a bit like a museum walking by our booth.Shields, Harper & Co. WPMA Booth with visible gas dispenser and replica wayne pump and richfield trashcan

The best part about the convention was the networking. Being able to catch up with old friends, spend time with colleagues and meet new customers is by far the number one reason to attend WPMA. For Shields Harper, what matters most to us is taking care of our customers. This is why when we attend conventions like this we want to make sure our customers are in good care. Whether its spending the morning on the links or taking you to dinner, this is our favorite part of WPMA.

Shields, Harper & Co WPMA Booth with Richard Iacovelli and customers standing next to 1917 Ford Model T Tin LizzieNeedless to say the convention went off without any problems. One way you know whether an organization goes the extra mile to make sure everything runs smoothly is if the finishing details all fall into place. For the 2017 WPMA conference all the finishing details were on point. Everything from the display of the silent auction to the efficiency of the key speaker series. The details matter, and when you see all the details fall into place, you know the event organizers have done their job well. Kudos to WPMA for throwing yet another excellent event. As always, the show was fantastic and we’re looking forward to attending next year.

Shields, Harper & Co. WPMA Booth in action with Bernie Martinez and customer

For those of you that participated in the SHC Raffle giveaway, our seven winners were chosen earlier this week. Prizes included 5 canvas images, a Richfield Trash Can and a U-line tool Stand. Congratulations to the raffle winners Michael R. Davies from RSI Petroleum Products, Ravi Singh from Black Gould Builders, Ron Reger from Keykel Investment Properties, Alfred D. From AWSS Inc., Gary Alexander from Competrol, Mark Crum from Jones Covey Group and Edward Graves from Petroleum Tank Testing Inc. We hope you all enjoy.