Original Stock Third Party Distribution

Designed for Contractors and Distributors

Factory Experience without Hassle

Original Stock Third Party Distribution

Express Stock 3PD works with SHCs 8 locations and over 100 manufacturers and factories
Original Stock is a third party distribution inventory program offer by Shields Harper and Company

Original Stock drop-ships products factory-direct using our deep discounts.

We put large-scale buying power into your hands, and work manufacturer supply channels so you don’t have to.

Express Stock 3PD gives distributors and Factories access into our distribution fuel parts and equipment world


You gain access

Express Stock 3PD frees up cash flow leaving a worries free


No Stress Cashflow

Pro Stock allows General Contractors to allocate labor elsewhere other than picking up materials


Keep crews equipped

Express Plus Third Party Distribution use us for buying power


Keep customers buying

General Contractors gain a partner with Shields Harper and Co handling their fueling equipment and parts site building material shipping


Aces in their places

Original Stock liberates PEI distributors and contractors from the burdensome manufacturer breaucracies. This common hurdle often hinders small-to-midsize distributors from meeting manufacturers’ volume requirements and causes cash-flow stress. Original Stock offers a profound sense of relief and security, instilling confidence in your operations.

At Shields, Harper & Co., our seasoned experts deeply understand our industry’s distribution supply chain challenges. Through Original Stock, we leverage our deep-discount platinum buying power and partnerships to optimize supply channel efficiencies, on your behalf, deliviering confidence and reassurance you need.

Piping products materials for c-store contractors
Piping systems, Loop, systems, Couplings, 3M, Pans, plus more construction products and materials
Pro Stock by Shields Harper and Company offers construction products on site no cost consigned inventory
Supplier of Commercial Gas Pump Parts and Equipment
construction cones, spill kits, trash containers all apart of SHCs Ready Stock inventory program

Original Stock ships all your favorite brands

[Partial Brand List]

ORIGINAL STOCK ships all of your favorite brands

Original Stock Third Party Distribution

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