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Work Smarter, Not Harder With Wayne's Xflo Fuel Meter

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The Xflo Meter is the single most effective upgrade for your fuel dispensing system. If you could only upgrade one piece of equipment then this is the upgrade you want to make. The Xflo replaces the Ovation’s stock iMeter to improve accuracy and eliminate meter re-calibration costs. No longer do fuel marketers have to accept meter drift as a cost of doing business.  

Wayne Fueling Systems Xflo Fuel Meter Hero Shot

Wayne Fueling Systems has a long history as a leader in metering technology. Over the years they have continued to make improvements on their meters, evolving their technology to eliminate virtually all meter drift. Currently, the Ovation dispenser comes OEM equipped with the iMeter, a positive displacement (PD) piston meter. However, due to the nature of PD systems, there are many moving parts working together to dispense fuel. These moving parts interact with each other and create high amounts of friction. This friction is eventually what leads to meter drift. Over time the moving parts wear each other down and your meter slowly starts losing accuracy. Recalibration is required to regain meter accuracy. Soon this will occur again, prompting the cycle to continue. No matter what you do, the wear and tear on a PD system is inevitable (currently, all dispensers come factory equipped with PD meters). The Xflo Meter improves on these inefficiencies by scrapping the PD system all together by using a dual-spindle based axial system instead. 

Advancements are based on a unique, dual-spindle technology which minimizes contact between surfaces which decreases friction and pressure and improves accuracy and flow rate. With decreased friction, you have less wear and tear. With less wear and tear you have minimal product loss. As a result, the Xflo Meter rarely, if ever, needs to be re-calibrated. 

Cut away of dual spindle in Wayne Xflo Fuel Meter

CUTAWAY OF THE XFLO FUEL METER - this is a good look at the dual spindle technology that reduces friction created in traditional PD meters. Note how the equipment is synchronized together - this is Wayne's Engineers patented design that eliminates the need for continued recalibration.

Upgrading your dispenser to the Xflo is the best upgrade you can make to your fueling delivery system. Research based on 200,000 gallons/month shows that you can save 12,000 gallons of product over the course of 3 years. At $2.50/gallon, this is an additional $30k that your revenue stream is missing. Also, by upgrading to the Xflo, you will rarely, if ever, need to recalibrate. This reduces maintenance costs. If you want to create a high performing fuel system then upgrade to the Xflo today.

Wayne Xflo Fuel Meter system pressure vs. gpm or gallons per minute

WAYNE'S XFLO VS. iMETER - PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL(PSI) CHARTED AGAINST GALLONS PER MINUTE (GPM) - This chart from Wayne Fueling Systems depicts the pressure differential vs. flow rate between Wayne's two meters, the Xflo and the iMeter. As you can see, the Xflo, while still producing 22 gpm, operates at 5 PSI which greatly reduces the demand being placed on the meter. This difference of more than 7 PSI helps ensure the Xflo's accuracy by reducing stress and increasing efficiency (chart courtesy of Wayne Fueling Systems Xflo White Paper). Hopefully this helps explain why the need for continued recalibration in PD systems is needed.