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System Sentinel AnyWare - Solving Fuel Management Problems One Internet Browser at a Time

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Product Highlight - System Sentinel AnyWareTM 

One internet browser. That’s all you need. One internet browser and you are in business. It don’t matter if it’s Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape or Mozilla Firefox, as long as you have access to the internet then you have access to your fuel management dashboard. There are no technical downloads or special technology required; everything operates online. Brilliant! With System Sentinel AnyWareTM software you have complete control of your inventory wherever you go.

How It Works

Dashboard view of system sentinel anyware by Franklin Fueling SystemsThe Sentinel collects real-time data from all of your sites and organizes everything onto one easy-to-use platform. As you can see in the photo, the platform provides the user with centralized control of all their fuel management data. 

The software relies on a powerful rules engine that can be customized to your specific site needs. This allows you to manage your product through exceptions. For example, you can program the Sentinel to “never send an alarm except when a line leak test fails.” Then, if your tank fails a leak test, the failure will trigger the exception and forward the information to the appropriate people. This comes in handy for notifying employees quickly about issues that need immediate attention. You can also program “rules” for low inventory, alarms and more. This will help you forecast deliveries, manage tank performance and improve your business communication.

All of your fuel system data can be automatically sent to an email address, FTP site, or saved to a local drive. From here (depending on the format), it can then be incorporated into other business tools like accounting or fuel dispatch applications.

The software communicates with all major tank brands and has the capability to support an unlimited number of sites by using a WAN (Wide Area Network) or bank of multiple modems. Lastly, the slickest feature of all, the software is offered in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Hindi and Portuguese.

We’ve had many of our customers mention comments to us about the ease of use this software has created for their business. It has helped them streamline fuel dispatch, kept their business on top of fuel inventory and has alerted station owners as soon as alarms are triggered. If you aren’t currently running System Sentinel AnyWareTM we highly recommend you make the upgrade. It is easy to use, provides a transparent view into your fuel management system and gives you an efficient method of monitoring your product.