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Commander Site Controller Verifies Verifone's Validity At The Top

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Why does Verifone own the majority market share of convenience store POS systems?

Maybe its because they were founded in 1981? For technology companies, that makes them a well seasoned veteran.

Maybe its because the have the best rate on their monthly licensing fee? Reducing your monthly costs is always a plus.

Maybe its because they have 'round the clock customer care? One can always appreciate quality customer service. Hard to say exactly, but one thing is clear, Verifone is the most reputable POS company on the market today. 

If you're a convenience store owner looking to upgrade your POS systems, then you've probably heard of the Verifone Commander Site Controller. If you haven't yet, then now you have.

Recognized by many as the only site controller on the market that can handle fuel sales, convenience store sales and process deli food transactions all on the same system. For many business owners, investing in the Commander is paying dividends in the form of business security, customer satisfaction and business efficiency. 

Steve Calhoun of Ultrafuel Convenience said “the Commander has enabled my business to operate smoothly and manage operations more efficiently which has been reflected in more repeat customers. They have confidence in my stores and they’re showing it be returning and making purchases on a regular basis.”

Verifone's Commander Site Controller allows you to manage inventory, control your fuel sales and process in-store payments with secure, speedy transactions. Compatible with all oil brands, the Commander Site Controller supports up to 64 fueling stations with the fastest processing times in the industry.

Managing business operations has never been easier with the new mobile dashboard which allows you to make updates in an instant like up-to-the-minute fuel sales, fuel price changes, PLU updates, POS configuration, loss prevention dashboard, internal communications and more. 

Bring your business into the 21st century with the Verifone Commander Site Controller. Customers will thank you for the added security, Employees will thank you for the ease of use and your business will thank you for investing in its future.

View our Verifone product offering here: https://www.shieldsharper.com/products/verifone/

Click the following link to watch Verifone's YouTube video on the Commander capabilities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7818sr9LVY