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C-Store EMV Extension For Visa, Mastercard and American Express

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The announcement from Visa on May 1, 2020 may or may not have come as a surprise to you or your business. In either case let’s take a look at what it means. The six month extension of the EMV Forecourt liability shift deadline to April 17, 2021 gives you and the supporting manufacturers, distributors and service providers an additional six months to help you reach compliance. In light of the recent COVID-19 event this extension will be very helpful to marketers who suffered dramatic volume losses during the past few months.

There may never be a better time to perform your required EMV upgrades than right now. Through June 30, 2020 Wayne is offering the Wireless Wayne Connect option for dispenser connectivity free of charge.


infographic of acumera network solution for EMV compliance

Your station will need some upgrades in not only forecourt equipment but also in the backroom and possibly with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a managed network solution (MNS). A managed network is an outsourced network that provides some or all the network solutions required by an organization. This service is delivered as a cloud infrastructure service or installed and managed in-house by the service provider.

Once you have your backroom equipment setup then you will need to upgrade your forecourt equipment. This is the hardware used to accept EMV chip cards. The following diagrams outline four different scenarios depending on what type of internet service your business utilizes.

Cat 5/6 Ethernet Cable

Recommended for new construction sites


Wayne Connect

Recommended for existing sites

wayne connect for EMV compliance gas station


DFS Wireless Connect

Preferred solution for existing sites

preferred wireless connect for EMV migration upgrade


TCP/IP Enabled Site

emv migration path for tcp ip enabled convenience store